Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter!

Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter!

Don’t forget to change your air filter! Believe it or not, your tiny air filter places a very large and valuable role in a functioning air conditioner. An air filter keeps dust and debris out of your air conditioner equipment so it can not only function well, but also keep the air quality in your home good.

Dust and dirt get into the air conditioner equipment when your filter gets clogged. This can cause wear and tear on the parts, as the parts need to work harder to get air to flow through. Keep in mind that the sooner parts in your system wear out, the closer you are to a complete breakdown.

Prevent AC Breakdowns

During peak season, it is recommended by Energy Star to not only check, but also change your filter. Our air conditioning technicians love to see your smiling faces, but if you can prevent a breakdown yourself by simply changing your filter, we recommend that.

This may sound like common sense, but make sure you are using the right filter size when you change it out! The size should be very easy to find on the actual filter itself. If you have any problems figuring it out, ask your air conditioning technician while they are there during your routine maintenance. If you are on our maintenance program, you could also call the office to find out as your filter size will be on file.

How Do I Change My Air Filter?

The steps to changing out your air filter are simple!

  1. Turn the power to your air conditioning unit off. This keeps both you and your equipment safe! It is possible for dust and debris to go into the unit if your unit is still running while you change your filter.
  2. Remove the old filter. This should be easy to do! You just slide the old filter out of the slot it is in.
  3. Check the condition of the air filter. When you hold the old filter up to the light, if you do not see a lot of light coming through, It is time to replace (or clean!) your filter. There are many factors that go into how fast your filter gets clogged. Having pets is a major factor in why your filter may get clogged quicker than others.
  4. Change the filter out – or wash your current one if it is a washable filter. Again, be sure you are changing your filter out for one that is the correct size. If you have a washable filter, check the manufacturer’s instructions for how you wash it. You can either rinse the filter with water and let it dry completely or vacuum the dust away.
  5. Put the filter in the correct way. There will be an arrow on the frame of the filter to show which direction the air flows through the filter. The arrow should point away from the return and toward the air handler.

So you do not forget to check and change out your filter, we recommend you put a reminder on your calendar!

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