How Long Does A Furnace’s Average Heating Cycle Last?

Did you ever question whether your furnace is running as it should? To maintain optimum efficiency of your furnace and the comfort of your home, making your furnace cycle correctly is crucial.

Furnace cycles typically last for 10 to 15 minutes. If a heating cycle is consistently long or short, it might indicate that something is wrong.

Heating cycles for your furnace can vary in length depending on many factors like:

  • House size: A bigger furnace will cycle more often, seeing as it covers a larger area. New homeowners commonly purchase the wrong furnace size. 
  • Insulated space: Spaces that are properly insulated lose less heat than those that aren’t. In homes with inadequate insulation, the loss is even more likely if temperature swings are significant. 
  • Outside temperature: Your furnace might cycle too often when it’s cold outside. Meanwhile, you might find that the furnace cycle occurs less often on days when it’s relatively warmer. 
  • Thermostat’s setting: As the temperature approaches the range of the furnace, you will have to run your furnace longer to maintain the temperature in your home.

When your furnace’s cycle length fluctuates constantly, it doesn’t perform as well as it is designed to. The time spent starting up and heating the system consumes a lot of energy. As a result of increased energy consumption, energy bills will rise.

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What are the factors that may lead to long and short cycles?

Long or short heating cycles may be related to internal issues in your furnace if there is no apparent external cause for the problem. Various factors can contribute to this:

  • Overheating: The furnace may overheat if the heating capacity is not utilized.
  • The furnace filter is dirty: Excess dust on the filter will prevent the system from bringing inadequate air.
  • Poor thermostat: You may experience too long or too short cycles in your furnace if your thermostat has a problem.
  • Wrong size furnace: When you install a furnace in an incorrectly sized house, it may have a very long or short cycle.
  • Faulty heat exchanger: The furnace can take longer to heat your home if the heat exchanger is malfunctioning.
  • The furnace is old: It may become less efficient as it ages. A short cycling pattern can signal that an upgrade is needed.

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Proper heating cycles present serious risks, which means you have to act. By ensuring that all your vents are unblocked, you can avoid problems. A duct cleaning should also be conducted every few years to improve air circulation. 

In addition, you should always keep your furnace filter clean. Keep your thermostat’s batteries fresh as well. 

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