How To Calculate What Size AC You Need?

Experts in AC repair at Ormond Beach will explain how to purchase an AC system of your likeness.

What are the Different Factors That Help Choose an AC System That is a Perfect Fit For Your House?  

It is better to research on the internet regarding the AC system before contacting the AC company in your locality to buy an AC. 

Before making a massive investment in the AC system, there are some essential things to consider before making a massive investment. 

Experts of AC repairs in Daytona Beach suggest you look for the following things:

  • Budget estimation
  • AC Size 
  • Energy efficiency (SEER rating)
  • AC system technology 
  • Installation and after-sales maintenance services. 
  • Noise levels 

Why is Size an Essential Factor to Consider While Deciding on the AC System? 

Size plays an essential role when deciding because of two reasons: 

  • If you buy an oversize AC system, then the AC system will quickly cool your room. You might think it is good, but it is not preferable for your AC system as a short cycling problem will develop. 
  • If you buy an underside AC system, then the AC system has to work harder and longer due to provide cooling to extreme ends of the room. According to the experts in AC repairs, excessive working can damage the compressor. 

How to Calculate the Size of the AC System According to Your Room Dimensions? 

AC repair experts know how to find the size of the AC system for your room in a few quick steps: 

  • Get the dimensions of your living space, length, and breadth, respectively. 
  • Multiply the length with the breadth of the room.
  • Now, multiply the product by 25 BTU to get the cooling efficiency your room needs under typical weather conditions. 
  • The product of the above step is your answer to finding the size of the AC system. Now, all you need is a single room AC size calculator that can be looked at on the internet and find the correct size of the AC system. 
  • If the living space dimensions are 15 feet long and 12 feet wide, the product comes out 180 feet. When 180 feet is multiplied by 25 BTU, you get 4500 BTU as a product.


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