New Home, Existing AC

Many of you have given us a call with some exciting news – that you are buying a new home existing AC. Congratulations! What an exciting time. We offer one-time maintenance where we will come and make sure your system is running properly, accurately, and point out any areas that might need improvement.

If you have not signed the paperwork yet and the deal is still pending, we want to remind you of a few things to look for. As stated, we offer one-time maintenance. But we also offer an inspection of the unit before you purchase your system. At this time, we will give you our opinion as to how functional and efficient the system is and if any repairs are needed, etc. We will also test out the thermostat to make sure that is functioning properly as well.

After you have already purchased the home, something else you can do is to obtain an energy audit. This audit will let you know how efficient the energy in your house is. This is something that we offer, but other local companies in the area likely do.

We are committed to helping you make the right decision for your family when it comes to purchasing a new home with an existing air conditioning unit. We are here for you!

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