Prepare For The Summer Season With These AC Tips

Five Suggestions to Keep Your Home and You Cool

In order to handle the scorching heat without increasing energy bills, there are several tips that can help you save money. You can also contact a technician who provides AC services in Ormond Beach, FL, for a complete understanding of your options. Here are the five most popular and easy tips for you to follow:

  • Close Your Blinds and Insulate Your Home.

Most homes have windows that allow sunlight to enter inside during the day. AC services in Ormond Beach, FL, advise closing the blinds before the sunlight can enter. Sunlight increases the indoor temperature, making you feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, ensure you insulate your doors and windows properly. If your home does not have proper insulation, the cool air from the air conditioner will escape outside, and your home will not stay comfortable for long.

  • Adjust Your Thermostat.

All air conditioner owners tend to set their thermostats at the lowest temperature possible to reach their comfort levels. However, this practice can damage the air conditioner and increase energy bills. You should gradually decrease the temperature on your thermostat.

You can increase it when everyone goes to sleep, as human bodies do not notice slight changes in the temperature while sleeping. If you do not want to make these changes, contact a technician, who provides AC service in Ormond Beach, FL, to install a smart thermostat.

  • Use Your Ceiling Fan.

Increasing the thermostat temperature and using your ceiling fan to circulate cool air in the room can save money on your energy bills.

Instead of setting your air conditioner at a low temperature, use your ceiling fan with the cooling system for a better experience. Moreover, you can place an ice bowl in front of a table fan to make it work like a mini air conditioner for your room.

  • Stay Cool with Drinks and Showers.

You should avoid putting extra strain on your cooling appliance to enhance its lifespan. Of course, you should use it, but for limited hours. You can put damp clothes on your pressure points or take cool showers to stay cool, as well as staying hydrated with summer drinks.

  • Avoid Heat-Generating Appliances.

You have several home heat-generating appliances that make your stay uncomfortable, like ovens, microwaves, and bulbs. AC repair in Ormond Beach suggest using ovens and microwaves as less as possible during the day as they give out heat which can increase the indoor temperature. As for the bulbs, you can swap them with LED bulbs that consume less energy and do not give off heat.

Bottom Line

These were some simple tips to follow to keep your home comfortable without using your air conditioner often. However, you should have an efficient air conditioner to stay cool. We at Accu-Temp Heating & Air Conditioning can help you take care of your air conditioner and maintain efficiency.

We provide high-quality AC repair services in Ormond Beach; call (386) 244-9440 or email us to schedule an appointment.