Protect Your AC From Power Lines

What Are Energy Downpours, And How Do They Affect My HVAC System?

External power surges are generated outside of your house. Electrical storms are widespread in Chicago, and lightning may produce these surges. A variety of different external factors can also cause power spikes. 

These include electrical grid distribution activities, damage to outside power lines, power plant maintenance, etc., and electrically driven heavy gear in your area. Power surges might originate from within the home. Contact the nearest AC tune-up in Ormond Beach, FLfor help with the same.

What Homeowners Should Know About Surge Protection

Electrical surges may burn up costly electronics like your computer or wide-screen TV, causing thousands of dollars in damage in the blink of an eye. In the worst-case situation, they can even cause electrical fires, which might cause your entire house to burn down. It is essential to take them seriously.

Power surges are hazardous to sensitive gadgets like your computer. Microchips are now found in most electrical equipment in your house. As a result, it is critical to safeguard them against variations in your home’s electrical current. 

Here are a few things to remember and think about while doing to safeguard your home and belongings:

Examine The Wiring in Your Home

Power surges can be exacerbated by faulty wiring. It’s recommended to hire an electrician to evaluate your house’s electrical system for concerns including broken wire, improperly installed wiring, inadequate grounding, and circuit breaker problems, especially if you have an older home.

During a storm, unplug any vulnerable gadgets. Lightning strikes are rare, but they may be disastrous. The best approach to safeguard your equipment during an electrical storm is disconnecting it from the power source.

Install A Surge Protector Throughout The Home

Surge protection strips are a significant beginning step. Still, if you genuinely want to safeguard your home against electrical spikes, you need to invest in a whole-house or primary surge protector. This device is put between your home’s electrical system and the grid at the direct breaker box. It will safeguard your entire home from external power surges, including your HVAC system.

Install a high-efficiency air conditioner. Consider replacing an old air unit with a newer, more efficient unit. It will save you money on cooling bills, but it will also consume less electricity and be less prone to produce voltage spikes in your home. Accu Temp pro is one of the best air conditioning companies in Daytona Beach to your doorstep.

Is It Necessary To Use a Surge Protector With My Air Conditioner?

Although AC units can create power fluctuations within your house, they are also vulnerable to harm from electrical surges from outside your home. Modern air conditioners, particularly high-efficiency models, frequently contain electrical components readily damaged by power fluctuations. 

Even if a massive power spike does not immediately burn them, continued exposure to lesser surges can reduce their efficiency. We advocate implementing whole-house surge protection.

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