Reasons an A/C Runs Constantly

Why is My AC Constantly Running?

Summer is most definitely officially here! The “real feel” has been a bit past 100 degrees in Florida already…yikes! You may have noticed that your air conditioning unit is running all day long during the hottest parts of the day. Your system may just be doing its best to keep your house to the temperature you want it to be. However, there may be some reasons an A/C runs constantly, too.

Get Your AC Tuned Up!

Before it gets too hot out, we always recommend you have routine maintenance. Having a routine maintenance helps to ensure your system is working at peak efficiency and that there are no issues at that time. Anything can happen though, so keep in mind that having routine maintenance is not a 100% full-proof plan.

AC Sizing

To begin with, it is necessary and important for your system to be the proper size for your home. If your air conditioning system is too small, your system will have to work very hard in order to cool your home. This means your system will run…a lot. If your system is too big, moisture will not be removed from your house properly.

Clean Air Filters

We probably sound like a broken record, but it is very important that your air filter is clean! If it is not clean, airflow will be restricted and your system will have to work very hard in order to produce the correct amount of air.

Routine AC Maintenance

During your routine maintenance, your air conditioning technician will check your outdoor and indoor coils to make sure that nothing (such as dirt, leaves, mud, pet hair, etc.) is clogging your outdoor coil. If your system seems to be running a lot, it would be a good idea to take a look at your coil to see if anything may be clogging it. All you would need to do is hose down the unit. (Be sure to turn your system off first!) The indoor coil is more difficult to get to. When your air conditioning technician is at your home next, ask them how you can take a look at it in between maintenance.

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