Repair or Replace

Is your system on the fritz for the umpteenth time? Or is your system out of warranty and the repair will be extremely costly? If you’ve said yes to either of those questions, you may want to take some other things into consideration as it relates to changing out your system instead of just putting a Band-Aid on it and fixing it for the time-being. Repairing your system is not always guaranteed to fix your system – anything can happen during the repair process. For example, the technician may find another issue on another part during the repair process.

There are a few things you should consider in the repair or replace thought process.

What services do we offer?

To start with, how old is your system? Keep in mind that if you live beach side, your system will not last as long. The Department of Energy states that the average lifespan of a unit is between fifteen and twenty years old. If you live in the vicinity of salt water, the lifespan of your unit will be less. If you have a system that is over ten years old and you are having major issues with it, think about replacing it instead of repairing it. Once it is that old, you do not know for sure how long the repair will even last.

We are going to go back to hold old your system is…if it has the old refrigerant (R-22) in it, keep in mind that after the year 2020, you will not be able to purchase that refrigerant. The last several years, the Freon has been phased out. Newer systems have R-410a refrigerant since it is more environmentally friendly.

In the past, we mentioned your energy bill increasing. If your system is on the older side and your technician says there is nothing wrong with it, your system is not as efficient. Especially when compared to how efficient it could be. The newer systems are built to be incredibly efficient and save you money.

When our technician or Comfort Specialist is at your house, we would be happy to give you a repair VS replace price option. We can also go over, in person, the benefits of each option.

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