Vacation Time

With what is currently going on in the world, I am not sure if everyone is still planning on traveling for spring break. We have had feedback from some of you and some of you still are. A couple of weeks ago, we suggested that when you go on vacation time to leave your air conditioning unit on instead of turning it off.

We have some more suggestions for you, that do not air conditioning repair in Ormond Beach, FL related, to help keep your home safe while you are aware. These suggestions are applicable if you will be away from your home for more than just a couple of days.

To start, it would be wise to leave at least one light on or use a timer so certain lights turn on. This will ward off any possible intruders, which is unlikely to happen, but it is still a smart thing to do. You can also notify your local police department that you will be gone. Most of them will send a deputy to patrol your house and surrounding areas to make sure nothing suspicious is happening.

We would suggest that you ask a neighbor or friend to pick up any mail or outside newspapers that you acquire while away. Not only will this keep your mail safe, but it will also not put off any red flags that you are away.

Be sure to unplug electronics that do not need to be on. This will help save you money. Also, if there are any electrical surges or storms, these devices will not be compromised. You could also turn the main water supply off. You won’t be home to use the water so it can’t hurt.

Are there any other tips you can think of that we left out of this list? Please share with us!

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