Vinegar Kills Germs

Did you know that vinegar kills germs just as well, if not better than the top six cleaners available in the market? It is also much less toxic than these cleaners as well! Baking soda is great to pair with vinegar while cleaning as well.

What is so great about vinegar and baking soda is that they are so versatile! There are many recipes out there so you can clean everything from your bathroom to your floors. You can also clear out your air conditioning drain line with vinegar. We recommend you use vinegar and not bleach. This will help to not cause any future issues to your unit as well.

By making the switch from other “top” cleaning products, you are doing something for your health! Most commercial products are highly toxic. The ingredients are full of chemicals that can cause some serious health issues.

Some studies are out there which indicate that vinegar is just as effective as toxic cleaners to kill viruses, tuberculosis, and other bacteria. Vinegar and baking soda are much less expensive than commercial cleaning products, as well. And as noted above, they are so versatile!

The chemicals in some of the top cleaning products have also been found to cause issues for not only your indoor air quality in Ormond Beach, FL, but also the environment. If you have furry animals at home, commercial cleaners can also be very toxic to them. You have to be very careful when you use toxic products around your pets! We provide one of the best air conditioning companies in daytona beach at affordable prices. Call us 386-246-7745 to know more.

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In closing, please do not forget the importance of using vinegar instead of bleach or other toxic chemicals when cleaning out your drain line. If you need help with it, feel free to give us a call or chat with your technician about it at the time of your next regular maintenance.