What Do I Do If My AC Coil is Frozen?

What Do I Do If My AC Coil is Frozen?

One of the common problems people encounter in their heating and cooling system is the freezing of the AC coils. In summers, it gets uncomfortable when some issues come in the cooling system. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly check the heating and cooling system for any fault so that it can be repaired early. 

How does the AC coil freeze?

Well, there are several reasons as to why the AC coils freeze. Lack of airflow can cause it to freeze. Poor airflow can be caused if the filters are not clean or there is some problem with the duct. 

If the airflow is not proper, then the cooling system will not work correctly, and this problem will worsen with time if proper maintenance is not done from time to time. The coils will not remain warm due to which they freeze over time. Some small techniques can remove these issues if you spot them early. 

Condensation occurs when cooling is ongoing, and if the water is not removed, the water freezes around the coil disrupting the cooling mechanism. Other technical issues also lead up to frozen AC coils which begs the question, how do we know the early stages to prevent it from happening?

How do we know?

The most obvious sign to know about this problem is that the cooling in your home is not very useful. To know if the AC coils are frozen or not, watch out for these simple signs:

  • Cold air is no more coming out even when the cooling unit is activated.
  • If ice has started to form on the outer edges of the equipment.
  • Condensation occurs in the cooling system.

What is the solution?

Other than calling the technician and repairing and maintaining the heating and cooling system, you can try some methods if you spot frozen AC problems:

  • Keep the filters clean. It will ensure that there is no restriction in the airflow; hence cooling will be perfect.
  • Switch on the fan and switch off the thermostat. This will provide air on the coil hence unfreezing it. 
  • Check the instructions for the defrost mode. If the defrost mode is there, then you can activate it to unfreeze your AC coil.

Here are some other services to check:

  • Furnace Tune up
  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Repair
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Heat Pump Service
  • AC Repair

Try these small techniques and regularly maintain the system. If the methods are not working or the problem is more complicated than you expected, contact a skilled technician. Contact Accu-temp heating and air conditioning today!