When Should We Switch Our Heat Pump Thermostat to Emergency Heat?

Emergency heat switches on a heat pump thermostat are the main reason for confusion. Most people do not understand what emergency heat is and when they need to use it. There are many rumors regarding this. People think that heat pumps do not work in cold weather. That is why they should use the emergency heat switch whenever it is really cold. People should take advice from reputed agencies like heat pump repair in Flagler Beach, FL, and furnace tune-up in Daytona Beach, FL.

When Should Emergency Heat Be Used?


  • It is used only for emergency purposes. Something goes wrong when heating in the first stage when it is used. In other words, if the house is cold and it is not heating properly and any tree has fallen outside and the heat pump has crushed, this would be a good time to switch to emergency heating.
  • If the heat pump has turned into a block of ice due to an error. At the moment, it is not able to supply any heat. The thermostat for emergency heating should be turned on and service providers like heat pump repair in Flagler Beach, FL, and furnace maintenance in Ormond Beach FLshould be called for.
  • In the winter months, all should try to get in the habit of watching the heat pump outside. It is necessary to check for signs of excess ice or snow accumulation in or around the heat pump.
  • The depicted unit froze so badly that it damaged the heat pump and had to be replaced. If this problem is caught soon, this may require a minor repair instead of an expensive replacement.

What Does Emergency Heat Do?


The red indicator light will flash and it will stay until it stops using emergency heat when switching to emergency heat. It can only let the owner know that he or she is in emergency mode. At the call of heat, no signal will be sent to the outdoor heat pump. Only indoor units and backup hits will run. In all electrical systems, this will provide the owner with enough heat to continue until the heat pump is fixed. Gas, oil, hot-water systems should provide plenty of heat.

Is It More Expensive To Run An Emergency Heat?


If the owner has an all-electric heat pump, the answer is a resounding yes. Running his or her heat pump in an emergency heat is much more expensive and as the name implies, should only be operated in an emergency until the heat pump can be repaired. Now if the owner has gas or oil heat for his or her backup system, the answer is not so obvious. It depends on the fuel consumption, the efficiency of the heating system, compared to the electric rate. But it is safe to say that price increases will not be the same as for all-electric systems.

Why Does Emergency Heat Light On When Used?


The emergency heat light will come on whenever the smart thermostat is set to emergency heat. If are the thermostat is not set to emergency heat and the light is on, it usually indicates a problem with the heat pump.

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