6 Reasons For Airflow Issues At Home

The airflow at a house is essential for healthy living. It plays a determining factor in regulating the temperature at the house. If there is any disturbance in the airflow within the home, there are high chances that the temperature of the home will not change properly. 

Some of the Common Causes For Airflow Trouble At Homes Are – 

Here are some most common causes that trouble the airflow at your home. You need to check them regularly.

  • Blocked Air Vents

Blocked or dirty air vents will cause disturbance for the airflow from AC ducts to the rest of the house. AC service will be needed to sort the issue caused by blocked air passages. During the process of HVAC service in Ormond Beach, FL, there is a need to inspect whether all the ducts in the house remain unblocked by external objects.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Many modern air conditioner systems have air filters that help to stop specks of dust, molds, bacteria, and others from entering the house. The filters in the air conditioner stop them. At times the dirt might get accumulated in these filters, causing trouble in the airflow. AC maintenance in Palm Coast, FLwill clean the air filters of its pollutants and regulate the airflow, ensuring the perfect temperature setting.

  • Broken Ducts

Duct pipes are used in most houses to spread the air of AC. There are chances of the duct getting damaged. It will cause irregularity in the airflow. If the air conditioner duct gets bent, dented, or broken, there will be a need for repair. HVAC services will fix the duct pipes or change them if need be and ensure proper airflow in the house.

  • Need More Air Vents

There are chances that during the construction of the house, the builder didn’t follow the proper plans of HVAC. Due to this, there will be limited air circulation in the house. The solution for the HVAC problem can be having a professional from AC service assess the home and its HVAC needs. Adding additional air vents in the building will increase air circulation and flow of air in the house.

  • Wrong Size Units

The air conditioner of the house might be of the wrong size. If the size of the AC is not equal to the need of the house, then the airflow will not be regular or sufficient. It might cause airflow trouble in many homes. It is safer and easier to hire a professional for AC maintenance to calculate and pick the right size of the air conditioner.

  • Weak Blower fans

Blower fans play a vital role in the air conditioner and furnace. If the blower fan is not strong enough to push air, then the airflow will be weak at times. Technicians of HVAC service will fix or replace the blower fans. They can easily adjust the airflow of the house to meet the demands. 

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