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Accu-Temp Heating & Air Conditioning

Hi everyone! We are Accu-Temp Heating and Air Conditioning located in the beautiful Flagler Beach, FL. We’ve been in business since 2006, so we’ve got over 15 years in business and even more in HVAC experience. Our team of experts specialize in air conditioners, heat pumps, and indoor air quality.

Meet the Pups!


One thing you’ll notice about us is that we’ve got our pups all over our website and social media. We’d like to introduce you to the real pups Harley and Maggie! They are Shiba Inu dogs and they just light up our world. So, we had to make them our official mascots, of course! 

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We Enjoy Our Bees

In our spare time, we are apiarists, or honey farmers. We responsibly raise and care for bees who, in turn, reward us with scrumptious honey! 

We Sponsor Charities

We believe that when you give back, you get back what you gave and then some. Accu-Temp runs contests where we give away free HVAC units, we sponsor charities, and our local Family Life Center. There is nothing more reawrding than helping someone who does not have the means to help themselves at that moment.

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