HVAC Maintenance In Flagler Beach, FL

Maintenance In Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, South St. Augustine, FL, And Surrounding Areas

Your HVAC system ensures the comfort of your home. These sophisticated and multi-faceted systems require consistent and knowledgeable maintenance to operate efficiently and ensure the long life of the system. Maintenance is key to prevent costly repairs, and should include the following:

  1. Inspect and replace air filter
  2. Check to determine if air flow is appropriate
  3. Determine Outdoor Dry Bulb Temperature and Indoor Wet Bulb Temperature to understand HVAC load
  4. Inspect all wiring and check for proper connections
  5. Clean evaporator coils
  6. Maintain a clean and clear condensate drain
  7. Check operation of thermostat
  8. Check amps of compressor and fan motor
  9. Inspect blades of fan motor and verify proper operation
  10. Check for appropriate suction and discharge pressures
  11. Ensure balanced rotation of air handler
  12. Inspect contacts and capacitors
  13. Check reversing valve is operating properly
  14. Check furnace draft pressure switch
  15. Check induced draft burner blower
  16. Check and clean burners
  17. Check defrost controls

Maintenance is essential for your HVAC system, and luckily, once a year is all that’s required. Accu-Temp Heating and Air Conditioning can take care of this valuable service for you at your convenience.

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