Do you notice that when your air conditioning unit turns on, that it is exceptionally noisy? It could be a loud clanking noise or something that just doesn’t sound quite right. Some units do make more noise than others. But if you are starting to notice a difference in sound or volume, there may be a problem.

There are a few reasons your system might be noisy. Keep in mind, too, that it is inevitable to some degree. Take a moment right now and listen to the quiet. I bet you hear your refrigerator running. Again, to a degree, it is normal. The compressor in an air conditioning unit is typically what is the loudest part. If you hear something abnormal, you should be concerned.

We will give you some possible reasons you may hear abnormal noise. To start, if you hear some type of rattling noise, it may be an indication that your fan needs to be cleaned or something is loose inside of your unit. A humming type of noise might indicate that the unit needs to be lubricated. A loud humming noise might indicate that a coil fin needs to be cleaned. And lastly, if you hear any sort of banging, a part in your unit might be broken. The banging noise can potentially be a very big deal. We would recommend you to keep your air conditioner maintained and get your AC serviced every year. Accutemp can help you with AC Maintenance in Palm Coast, FL and surrounding areas.

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Some of these issues might be able to be rectified by you. Yes, you! It is possible. But if you do not feel comfortable doing it or you feel like you might break something even further, please do not even attempt to try. Give us a call right away and we will figure out where the noise is coming from and how we can stop it from happening!