How Do You Know When to Replace Your Furnace?

Figuring out when your furnace is likely to have a breakdown is tough to work out if the expected lifespan is between 15-20 years. Furnaces require regular maintenance to maintain their shelf life which can be reduced if not properly maintained. Regardless, a few factors can cause great harm to the system, resulting in a furnace tune-up in Daytona Beach, FL. Save your time and address the issues early. 

Average Shelf life of a furnace

The average shelf life depends on the type of furnace unit you have. The gas furnace has 15-20 years, while the electric furnace has 20-30 years. Certainly, highly advanced technology used to design electric furnaces added more than ten years to the furnace’s shelf life but at the cost of eliminating your savings.

Extending The Shelf Life

There are certain sets of rules that will increase the furnace’s longevity. One of them is annual maintenance. Maintenance is an essential precaution by HVAC owners to cut down on potential threats to the system and identify the underlying issues to resolve before it becomes more severe, sometimes re-installing a new furnace. A well-maintained furnace is less likely to encounter a breakdown and run smoothly. Contact a highly skilled and professional technician for regular inspection of your HVAC unit.

Is It Time To Replace The Furnace?

Furnaces are designed to run smoothly, but if they are not, consider contacting a technician. Some underlying issues can be provoked with the slightest mistake and damage the entire furnace. These are the signs showcasing that it is time to replace your furnace: 

  • Shelf life:  The average lifespan of your furnace is about to expire, or it has already reached the age.
  • Electricity bill: High energy bills compared to the last few months.
  • House is not warm enough: The furnace fails to serve its main purpose, to provide warmth throughout the home.
  • Regular visits from a professional: Contacting a professional for maintenance is essential, but if the visits are more than often. 
  • Stench: The burning stench wafting throughout the home that comes out of your furnace implies serious internal damage.
  • Strange sounds: Abnormal and strange sounds coming from the furnace whenever you turn it on. Contact a professional for furnace service in Palm Coast, FL, in such circumstances.
  • Cycling malfunction: The furnace needs to be on and off to meet the targeted temperature set on the thermostat. But it is taking more time than usual, stop working in the middle or run non-stop. This implies an existing malfunction in the furnace.
  • Dirt sitting on your home: If your furnace cannot get rid of airborne particles from the air, this indicates that your furnace is not functioning well.
  • Furnace flames are not blue: If the flames coming out of your furnace burners are yellow, indicating that your furnace is possibly producing Carbon monoxide (CO), this dangerous and odorless gas might leak anytime to implicate severe health issues to your and your family, and needs to be replaced.

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