It’s been cold here in Florida! Surprise, surprise, right? If it’s one of the first times you’ve turned your heater on and you’re just now realizing it is blowing cool air instead of need heat, before giving us a call, there are some things we have to suggest you take a look at. You are welcome to call us right away but if you would like to try these things first, please do.

To begin with, make sure that your thermostat is actually set on heat mode and set at the appropriate temperature. You could also try to set it to “auto” instead of “fan on.” If you’ve checked your thermostat and it is set appropriately, time to check your air filter. We mentioned this when we chatted about having issues with your house being and staying cool. If your filter is incredibly dirty, it’s time to change it! See if this simple fix does the trick.

If your filter is clean and your thermostat is set appropriately, it is possible that some of your ductwork is leaking. You might not feel comfortable doing this – and that is okay. It would require you to go into your attic or crawl space to check for any ductwork that may be blowing out air. If this is happening, the area needs to be sealed off and insulated properly. If you have the ability to do this, go for it. Otherwise, we can absolutely help you with that!

These are the top three things we would recommend you take a look at before you give us a call. It happens fairly frequently that the thermostat is just not set properly.

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