Why Does My Air Conditioner Unit Sound Like Popcorn?

Frequent noises from your HVAC post-installation could mean something is wrong inside the unit. Popping sounds in your HVAC system have dire consequences for safety and comfort.
The noise is similar to popcorn popping or cracking, and can be extremely uncomfortable. If you hear popping noises, turn off your system first and contact a professional for AC repair in Palm Coast.

The Following Are Some Possible Causes Of Popping Sounds in Your HVAC System.

Electrical Problems

There are times when electrical wires or components in older HVAC units become frayed, worn, or damaged. Your unit may make popping or pulsating sounds if this happens. Due to the risk of an electrical fire, HVAC service professionals are demanded to respond to emergencies.

Freezing and Defrosting

There may be frost accumulating on certain parts of your air conditioning unit, causing the popping. This can happen as a result of setting your thermostat too low. Defrost mode is triggered by a sensor that detects frost in AC units. You may hear a popping sound as ice falls inside the unit during the thawing process.

The Water Inside The Unit

After heavy rainfall, outside units are more likely to experience dampness inside the unit. There is also the possibility that the unit will become clogged with wet leaves or other debris. An air conditioning unit’s drain pan and condensate line may allow water to enter the system or inside the unit. Get in touch with a technicians for AC repair in Ormond Beach, FL, as water can damage sensitive components.

Dirty Internal Parts

In most cases, an accumulation of dirt causes a furnace to make popping sounds during operation. The pilot light of a gas furnace might not properly ignite due to a dirty burner. A popping sound is possible due to the buildup of excess gas. If you hear this when your furnace is trying to start, it’s best to contact us immediately.

Ductwork Complications

Suppose there is a problem with your ductwork causing popping sounds. Due to its essential role in air distribution, ductwork is susceptible to debris, dust buildup, and loose connections after prolonged use. Your ducts can wear out and loose connections can cause popping noises when air passes through them.

It is also possible for recently installed ductwork to cause popping noises if the installation was poorly conducted. A poorly secured duct will produce noise when air passes through it. Getting in touch with a professional for air conditioning repair in Palm coast is suggested.

Mechanical Issues

It is common for internal mechanical parts to become loose in heating and cooling systems due to age or normal wear. You may hear popping, banging, and clanging sounds, especially if an internal mechanical part has been completely dislodged. A professional solution to this issue is required.

It is not necessary to take all popping sounds seriously, as such noises are probably not a big deal if you hear them occasionally or rarely. Accu-Temp Heating and Air Conditioning is the best choice for all of your AC related concerns. Our local technicians can explain and recommend reasonable, cost-effective solutions. We provide preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of hearing unusual sounds from your HVAC system. Contact us today!