Why Isn’t My AC Cooling Enough?

Imagine switching on your air conditioner, only to find that it is not cooling as efficiently as it was a few days back. You ignore the problem, thinking it will go away with time. But it does not and increases more.

Air conditioners work efficiently for 10-12 years. There is some minor maintenance at this time, but the unit works properly. However, if your air conditioner is not cooling as efficiently as earlier, even though its age is 2-5 years, there may be some problem that needs special attention. Contact air conditioning repair in Ormond Beach, FL, if your air conditioner is facing any issues.

Factors Affecting The Cooling Of Your Air Conditioner

Here are four reasons that can affect the efficiency of your air conditioner’s cooling. Check for them and call a technician accordingly – 

  • Cleaning of The Air Filters

Dust and dirt are the biggest enemies of an air conditioner. They can affect any part or component of the unit and cause malfunctioning. When dust accumulates inside the air filters, they cause blockage in the filters and cause harm to the thermostat. You can clean your filters yourselves by taking them out and cleaning them with any microfiber cloth and rinsing them with water. If the air conditioner is still not working properly, call for air conditioning repair in Palm Coast to solve this issue.

  • Wrongly-Set Thermostat

Not everyone is familiar with the new and latest thermostat models. They can be difficult to handle. It can be possible that while operating and understanding them, you or your family member may have unintentionally changed any basic setting of the thermostat. This unintentional change may be the reason for warm air coming out of the air conditioner. Try reading its user manual to understand it better or switch it to the ‘Auto’ mode.

  • Dirty Air Conditioner and Condenser

As said, dirt and dust are the biggest enemies of the air conditioner. If there is dirt on the outside part of the air conditioner, it can block the condenser, due to which the unit will have to work harder to provide cool air. Ensure that there is no dirt on the outer part of the system. Remove twigs, branches, dead leaves, and flowers near the unit. There should be a 2-feet empty and neat space around the air conditioner to avoid this problem.

  • Lower Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant acts as a heat carrier in the air conditioner system. If the refrigerant level is not enough, the indoor unit will not efficiently transfer the indoor warm air to the outside unit. There may be a leakage that caused the level to drop, or it was not refilled timely. Check the refrigerant level to ensure proper cooling.

Let Accu-Temp assist you!

If the cooling of your air conditioner is still not efficient even after checking all the above factors, there may be some major issues left unaddressed for a long time.

Contact Accu-Temp, the best AC maintenance in Palm Coast, FLto solve those issues as soon as possible. Give a call on 386-244-9440 or drop an email at accutemppc@gmail.com to book your appointment now!

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