3 Signs That Shows You Have a Bad AC Condenser

The AC condenser is the essential component responsible for refrigerating the vapor into a liquid state to cool down your AC. Condenser mainly comprises fans, motors, tubes, circuit boards, a compressor, condenser coil. HVAC owners tend to ignore the basic maintenance of their condenser, resulting in a breakdown in the unit and only can be prevented by contacting air conditioning repair in Palm Coast to avoid chances of the condenser getting replaced. 

Signs That Show You Have a Faulty AC Condenser:

  • Strange noise:  The abnormal and strange sounds coming straight off the unit indicate the fault within the condenser that needs to be addressed.
  • Take significant time to cool down: AC condensers are designed to provide you with a significant amount of cooling, but if it is unable to do, it indicates some issues need to be taken care of on time, or it will lead to replacing the whole condenser.
  • Leakage: Fluid leaking from the unit significantly shows something went wrong with the condenser that a professional technician needs to be immediately checked.

Is the AC condenser in need of repair?

AC condensers are likely to suffer damages during summer due to lack of maintenance or excessive unit use. To resolve this problem at home, performing basic maintenance is necessary. Even if a system fault arises, the components can be repaired on time, saving you money on replacement.

Addressing these issues at an early stage and repairing the components on time will save you time and money:

  • Clogged condenser & dirty coil:  If any interference occurs due to dirt or debris around the unit, it will hinder its performance. It is advised to clean the condenser and coil to avoid its repercussions.
  • Faulty motor:  If there is a fault in the motor, replace it according to the instructions manual.
  • Problem with the capacitor: You can easily replace the capacitor for your unit to work smoothly.
  • Condenser relay switch: Replace the faulty switch with a professional, or it might cause some internal issue with the condenser.

Is It Time To Replace The AC Condenser?

How many times have you ever asked yourself this question? Not until the discomfort hits you. The AC condenser’s deteriorating condition indicates that it is about to crash but still not taking remedial steps might lead to more severe damage, leaving you with no option but to replace the entire AC condenser of the unit. If the unit showcases these signs constantly, contact a professional technician to get the AC condenser replaced immediately.

  • Burned coil: The burned and damaged coil cannot be repaired but must be replaced entirely. 
  • Leakage: The excessive amount of fluid causes severe damage to the tubes and condenser seal, referring more towards replacing an entire condenser.
  • Blockage: Blockage that hinders the performance of condensers and causes internal damage to the unit. Contact AC Installation in Daytona Beach, FL, to replace it on time.

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