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Whole Home Air Cleaners In Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, South St. Augustine, FL, And Surrounding Areas

The air trapped inside your home, especially in a well insulated home, can contain air pollutants that are not removed by a regular air filter, which can result in respiratory illnesses and heavy dust buildup. One way to trap and remove the particles from the air inside your home is by utilizing a whole home air cleaning system. Although these particles can’t be seen, they contain viruses, bacteria, and allergens. By removing these allergens and pathogens which would not normally be trapped by a typical air filter, you greatly improve the quality of the environment in your home.

How does it work?

Whole home air filters polarize the particulate (sub-micron particles) and VOC’s as they pass through the HVAC system. This polarizes the particulate and gives them an electrical charge. The polarized particles are then drawn together, forming larger clumps of particles which can be trapped by the filter. They are trapped on a special disposable low static media pad with an activated charcoal screen. Less particles remain in your home.

With use, less dust is present in your home, as well, creating a much more healthful environment.

Your HVAC system will work much more efficiently without the buildup of dust and particulate that is greatly reduced using the whole home air cleaning system.

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