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Having good indoor air quality is important to keep your family safe and healthy by breathing the best air possible. We have some ideas for you, not just air conditioning related, either! There are many households that do not practice healthy indoor air quality simply because they are unaware. We are here to help and teach you!

Here are five ideas to help you have good indoor air quality!

1) Have a Houseplant!

Plants obtain carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen while people and animals take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. In essence, plants help you breathe. The aloe plant, English ivy, rubber tree, snake plant, bamboo palm, and red-edged dracaena are good houseplants to have. They help foster a symbiotic relationship by filter the air and creating fresh oxygen for you to breathe.

2) Change or Clean Your Air Filter Regularly

Check your air filter based on instructions from the manufacturer. As discussed last week, the filter is the key to having good indoor air quality. If the filter is dirty, it cannot pass air through it fast enough, which means your air conditioning system will not work efficiently, fast enough, or keep that pesky dust away!

3) Do Not Smoke Indoors

Hopefully no one still does this! But if they do, keep in mind that environmental tobacco smoke is a huge contributor to indoor air pollution. Just like smoking, environmental tobacco smoke can be very harmful to your health.

4) Brush Your Pets Often

As I am sure you are well aware, pet fur often becomes airborne and clogs your air conditioning filter. Pet dander is also a concern, as anyone in your home will breathe it in By brushing your pets often, the less likely fur and dander will reach the filter or breathed in by people in your home.

5) Dust Those Fans!

I know everyone hates doing it; nonetheless, it must still be done! When your fan is full of dust, it is circulating around the room and people are breathing it in and it is going for your filter! You are welcome for the reminder to dust your fans.

What are some of the ways you try help your home have good indoor air quality?