8 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Autumn and winter in Florida can be unpredictable, as any Florida homeowner knows. It’s critical to provide a secure and pleasant atmosphere at home throughout the year. 

If your existing gas furnace isn’t keeping you warm this winter, it’s better to upgrade it. However, how can you know when it’s time to replace your furnace? You can use this checklist to see if it’s time to replace your furnace. If the signs are visible, call for furnace repair in Daytona Beach, FL

Should You Replace It Now? 

Here are eight telltale signs that it’s time to call furnace services in Palm Coast, FL to replace your furnace:

  • Sudden Hike In Gas or Electric Bills

Are you perplexed as to why your gas or electricity costs have risen so quickly? The age of your furnace is the culprit. As they grow older, heaters become less efficient; this is exacerbated if the heater is not serviced on a regular basis during the off-season. 

  • Temperature Disparity in Heating

Temperature fluctuations can be caused by various reasons, including an open window or bad home layout. However, if there is an unusual inconsistency in temperature, check for any blockages in the air conditioning system.

  •  Excessive Dust Particles

As your HVAC system nears the end of its useful life, by-products will accumulate. Additionally, the accumulation of soot, dirt, or dust particles inside your furnace may suggest the existence of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.

  • An HVAC System That Is Beginning To Fail

If your system is more than fifteen years old, its ageing is a hint that it’s time to replace it. Even the finest furnaces will not last longer than 15 years. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep track of the age of your heating system. 

  • Repairs On a Constant Schedule

If you have to get your system repaired frequently, it’s time to update your heating system. A furnace that isn’t working properly and requires frequent repairs can be pricey to operate. 

  • Begin To Blow Cool Air

When your heating system is turned on, you may feel cold instead of warm. In this case, the rational thing is to turn up the heat; however, if your house still doesn’t seem warm, something is amiss with your air conditioning system. 

  • Instead of Emitting a Blue Burner Flame, It Produces a Yellow One

The flame of a burner will always offer you a decent indication of its condition. If you detect a yellow flame, it could be a warning that your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide. 

  • Uncomfortable Noises At An Excessive Level

The noise is one of the clear symptoms of something wrong with your air conditioning system. If your HVAC unit generates weird noises, you should have it checked by a professional. 

Stop hunting for solutions elsewhere if you’re having problems that can only be fixed by trained technicians. Accu-temp heating and air conditioning provide a wide range of services, including HVAC repair in Palm Coast, FL, etc. For additional information, give us a call at 386-244-9440.

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