AC Replacement In Flagler Beach, FL

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AC Replacement In Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, South St. Augustine, FL, And Surrounding Areas

Standard or Ductless For Your Next AC Replacement in Ormond Beach, FL

At some point in time, you are going to be faced with an AC system that needs to be replaced. And it will most likely happen on the hottest day on record for the state of Florida. That’s the bad news. The good news is, Accu-Temp Heating and Air will be there should you be in Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, South St.Augustine Florida and surrounding areas.

Now you might want to consider an alternative cooling method. Accu-Temp Heating and Air can install your new HVAC right where the old one was. Or, you might want to upgrade to the new mini-split ductless systems. Either way, Accu-Temp Heating and Air is your ‘go-to’ company for all things ducted, or ductless in Ormond Beach, Florida

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AC Replacement in Flagler Beach, FL, And Surrounding Areas

When the hottest months of the year set in, you want your home’s AC unit to work- and you want it to work in top shape. Keeping your family comfortable during those warm days in Flagler Beach, FL, is a daunting job, but with the right air conditioning system, it will be a complete breeze!

An old, outdated AC can directly contribute to high energy bills in your home. Our goal is to provide you with reliable AC replacement in Flagler Beach to help you forget about such costs once and for all. Trust Accu-Temp Heating & Air to hold your hand every step of the project.

When Best to Replace Your AC Unit in Flagler Beach, FL

Is your air conditioning system:

  • At least ten years old? It might be running way less efficiently than up-to-date ACs. A new unit is your best bet to cool your Flagler Beach home more efficiently and, in turn, save more money on energy!
  • Over 15 years old? While it is easy to downplay the importance of a new AC unit, repairs tend to be costlier and more recurrent. This is due to the R22 coolant being removed and parts malfunctioning. Commonly known as Freon, this refrigerant has been termed as one of the biggest destroyers of the ozone layer. Modern units run on Puron, which is more energy-efficient. It also has a better ozone depletion rating. 

What Goes into AC Replacement?

Installing a new AC is not as easy as it seems. It is always prudent to find a well-known HVAC contractor to sort it out for you. There are air handler parts like building codes, evaporators, condensers, and more to keep in mind. Trying to do it on your own or trusting the job to amateurs is simply inviting trouble. Professional installers like the ones at Accu-Temp Heating are familiar with different models, different brands, and different approaches to get the job done right- the first time!

What Exactly Is a Mini-Split Ductless System?

The mini-split ductless systems on the market today are some very well-thought-out air systems for your home or business. As the name implies, these systems have no ductwork so there’s a money saving issue right there!

These systems are designed to operate more efficiently than their HVAC heat pump counterparts. The professionals at Accu-Temp can look at your situation, and offer the best choices for an AC replacement in Palm Coast, FL based on their findings.

What is a Heat Pump?

Today’s heat pumps are more efficient than the old central AC systems. The square footage that you are trying to cool also plays a major role in determining the best system for your AC replacement. The best thing about heat pumps is that they both heat and cool your home or office! It saves you the money of having to purchase a furnace separately, and they are highly efficient. We prefer the Daikin FIT Heat Pump!

Choose Us for Your Next AC Replacement Project

During the warm months, your AC consumes a lot of power. Replacing your old AC with a newer, more energy-efficient unit cuts costs and keeps you and your family cool. If you’d like to learn more about AC replacement in Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, South St. Augustine, FL, and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to request service online or call @ (386) 244-9440. Our certified and friendly HVAC experts can’t wait to hear from you!

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