Does Air Conditioning Use Gas in Palm Coast, FL?

Air Conditioners have several components that work together to cool your room. These components have their way of functioning, with specific qualities. However, one question asked regularly is if air conditioners work on gas. The answer to this question is yes, they do.

Gas, commonly known as the refrigerant in air conditioners, is vital for producing the cool air circulating your house. However, there are several questions about how the gas functions and its impacts. And Accu-temp Heating & Air Conditioning is here to answer all those questions!

Why is Gas So Vital For Air Conditioners?

Gas or refrigerant works cooperatively with electricity to cool down your house. Electricity is used to power up the unit, which in t gas to cool down the air. The gas moves through the air conditioner and sucks the heat out of the room, and replaces it with cool air. This step might seem minor, but it is necessary for the air conditioner’s functionality. 

Even though gas is necessary, most air conditioners come equipped with gas worth several years. So, you need not worry about the gas running out if your unit is new. If it starts to run out, your unit will give you signals! And to resolve that, our AC Repair in Palm Coast, FL team is always ready!

How Can The Gas in an Air Conditioner Get Low?

Sometimes, your gas might get low due to several factors. For example, your air conditioner’s gas getting low is harmful and expensive, so you need to have a look at the factors and figure out the reason:

  • Improper Maintenance: If you aren’t exerting efforts to maintain your air conditioner, you might face several problems later. For instance, there might be leakages in your air conditioner’s pipelines or ducts. These leakages can lead to the gas getting drastically low. So to avoid this situation, always opt for a yearly maintenance plan.
  • Brand of Air Conditioner: If you purchased a cheaper air conditioner, the gas might run out after a few years. It calls for refrigerant refills and might be expensive in your pockets.

How To Know if Your AC’s Gas Level is Low?

When your air conditioner’s gas level is low, it might signify that. Look out for these signs that tell you your refrigerant level is low:

  • AC is cooling less: If your air conditioner is cooling your house less than before, it might be a sign of low gas. 
  • High electricity bill: You might face spiked utility bills for various reasons. But if you cannot link any material problem to the bill, your AC’s gas might be below. Low gas prompts for more electrical usage and extended use of the AC. It leads to increased bills.
  • Unusual hissing sound: It might be due to low gas levels if your air conditioner is emitting a hissing sound. This can be fixed easily by calling an AC Maintenance in Palm Coast, FL technician to refill the gas.

These are the causes and impacts of low gas and show why gas should be checked regularly. If you have any problem without low gas levels, contact our AC Tune-up in Ormond Beach, FL team.

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