Furnace Does Not Turn On? Easy Troubleshooting In 7 Steps

You are all ready to enjoy the winter night when suddenly your furnace stops. No matter how many times you try to get it working again, it just sits there dead. You always have the option to ring up furnace maintenance centers. There are wide options for such kinds of maintenance centers such as HVAC repair in Palm Coast, FL.

What if you have the facility to start your furnace again, without a maintenance center and hefty payments? While there is a possibility that your furnace might go off due to power loss, there are also other areas you must look at. If you treat these areas, there is always a high chance that your furnace will start again. 

Steps To Troubleshoot Your Furnace

Here are 7 simple troubleshooting steps that can bring back life to your furnace:

Keep Noticing Your Thermostat:

First thing first, always be aware of how your thermostat is functioning. Make sure that the thermostat is in ‘heat’ mode to give you a warm temperature. If your thermostat is digital or programmable, watch the power supply. An irregularity or cut-off in the power supply will stop your furnace. If your furnace operates on battery, make sure to replace it at the needful time. If replacing batteries does not work, check your fuse box and make sure that the thermostat’s circuit has not slipped.

Look Into Your Potential and Power Of The Furnace:

If there is nothing wrong with your thermostat, check on your furnace’s power. To do this, turn your thermostat settings from ‘auto to on’, and if the fan of your furnace starts, it has power. At the same time, keep notice of your circuit or fuse box. If the fuse is damaged, replace it. If the circuit breaker has fallen, switch it on by turning it off first. The furnace should start working in five minutes.

Do Make A Note Of The Furnace Filter:

Most of us are least bothered about the furnace filter, but it is important. Replace your furnace filter if it is clogged with dust or other particles. These stuffed residues can stop air from letting through your furnace filter. As per the instructions, you must keep changing your furnace filter after every 90 days. Make sure to clean it after every 30 days.

Be Attentive About Condensate Pan:

Furnaces suck up heat from the air and the water condenses. If your furnace is working, the water will get pushed outside on the pan or a pump pulls it out. If there is anything that is congesting the pan’s drain, make sure to use condensate pan tablets which will unclog the drains. Make sure to clean the pump to start the furnace again.

Eye The Vents:

Make sure that the vents in your rooms remain open as closed vents will only stop the air from circulating in your homes. Avoid any blockage on your outside vents. If anything gets trapped there, fumes will have no passage to pass and this will result in a malfunction of your furnace. A regular furnace service in Palm Coast, FL can help a lot.

Clear The Pilot:

If you have an old furnace that works with the pilot light, reignite the pilot light if you think the furnace has stopped due to a lack of flames. Switch off power and gas to clear out the residues for the pilot flames to start again. Turn them on again, and then adjust the flames accordingly.

Don’t Miss Checking Gas:

If your pilot light does not come back to flame, go to check your gas supply for the furnace. Your gas line must be on. In any case, you get no gas even after switching on, seek help from a plumber.

Attempt these steps and when you feel that all has gone in vein, it is time for you to take help. You can try furnace maintenance and furnace tune-up in Daytona Beach, FL. Till then, you can read more about furnaces and different services. You can also get in touch with us on 386-244-9440.