How to Clean an HVAC Filter?

Air conditioning units don’t require too much upkeep, but it’s critical to clean or change your unit’s air filters regularly to decrease the probability of airborne mold and typical allergens through forced air systems. If your AC had issue in summer time. We provide indoor air quality in Ormond Beach, FL at an affordable prices. 

Why Is It Necessary To Clean Your Air Filter?

• Improved air quality: fewer allergens and dust.

• Improved unit efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs.

• Increased longevity of the HVAC unit.

How To Clean An Air Filter?

  • Step 1- Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

By turning off the unit, you avoid allowing filthy air to flow throughout your home while the filter is being cleaned.

  • Step 2- Remove the Filters

Some units may have several filters, so check all the vents.

  • Step 3- Vacuum the Filter

The first thing you can do to decrease dusty accumulation is to use a hand vacuum to lift allergens. Clean any dust from the frame with a microfiber cloth. Getting rid of the top layer of dirt and any loose debris makes the following process clean and simple.

  • Step 4- Clean the Filter

Rinse the filter in a deep sink or outside with a hose, then allow it to dry. If you need to give the filter a thorough cleaning, soak it in a flat container with 1 part white vinegar and 1 part warm water for an hour before gently rinsing it with the hose.

Never use a pressure cleaner on an air filter, since they are far too fragile for any high-pressure hose. If not sure, then you can seek expert help for AC maintenance in Palm Coast, FL.

  • Step 5- Replace the Filter

Examine the dry filter for evidence of deterioration, such as holes, debris that can not be fully cleaned. Make a note of any expiration dates on the product or its original container to determine when it needs to be completely replaced. You can contact experts for HVAC services in Ormond Beach, FL, as they can replace the filter for you.

Other “Filters” on Your Air Conditioner That You Can Clean

The fins of a window AC unit may be cleaned or wiped out with a microfiber cloth to eliminate dust and debris. Take care not to crush or distort the fins together. The fins are the means through which the A/C unit “conditions” the air.

• Unplug the device

• Vacuum or brush in the same direction as the fins

• If required, use a butter knife to straighten the bent fins

Cleaning your air conditioner filter is not difficult. However, because you are unlikely to see the immediate impact of a dirty filter, it is easy to adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude here. However, you should make it a practice to clean the filter. 

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