How to stop Water leaking from HVAC?

In the warmer season, one of the most common problems faced by people is the leaking HVAC services in Ormond Beach, FL. The leakage could be due to a variety of reasons, poor installation of the unit, clogged and dirty air filters are one of them. If you live in a place where humidity levels are high, then in such a case a little water dripping is normal. But if you are noticing a more and constant dripping then you need to look into the matter. 

What is a typical amount of water leakage?

You should not be concerned if you detect a small amount of water, a few drops to be precise, falling from your air conditioner. This is especially right if you reside somewhere that is extremely hot and humid. Condensation occurs more quickly, and the remaining water drips off on occasion. Because the amount of water is insufficient, the heat evaporates it.

Causes of water leakage

Dirty air filters

Air filters are to clean the air, they need to be cleaned regularly. When they are not cleaned the evaporator coil gets frozen and when it melts, the water drips.

Low refrigerant

When the refrigerant level is low, the pressure of the AC falls resulting in freezing of the evaporating coil and water leakage afterward.

Poor installation

If your AC is new and still you are noticing water leakage, it could be a result of poor installation. When there is a gap between the condensate tray and the air conditioner, this problem often arises.

Blockage in drain Pipe

The function of the drainage pipe is to carry the water out of the air conditioner, but when there is leakage in the body of the unit it starts to emit the water out of its own body.

Damaged condensate tray

 If the tray, on the other hand, is fractured, rusty, or damaged, water will seep through it and into the room when the air conditioner is turned on.

Clogged drain pipe

Dirt and debris can clog your air conditioner’s drainage system. The condensate will be unable to flow out through the drainage system as a result of this. The water will overflow into the primary air conditioning unit if it can’t flow outwards. Your air conditioner will begin to leak water as a result of this. Make sure your air conditioner is cleaned on a regular basis. Calling for experienced service from Urban Company to service your air conditioning machine is the easier option.

How can the problem be fixed?

  • Check the drain pipes, in case you see the leakage from pipe itself, get it fixed
  • Clean the Ac filters, if it’s been a long since they are cleaned, get them cleaned.
  • When the AC is being installed, make sure it is done properly

If you are facing a problem relating to your HVAC repair in Palm Coast FL, it’s normal. Don’t worry, try to find out the root cause of the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible as delays in fixing these problems could lead to greater future damage. Once you discover that there is a problem with your HVAC system, quickly call City Heating and Air Conditioning to help you with the issue. They provide a twenty-four-hour service and the workers are highly skilled so you don’t have to worry about your HVAC system anymore.