If My AC Runs on R22 Do I Have to Replace the Whole System?

If My AC Runs on R22 Do I Have to Replace the Whole System?

AC was invented for the comfort of humankind to prevent us from the harsh summer weather in many places on the Earth, AC provides cool air to deliver the scent of relief by using many techniques and technology. Back in time, when AC was invented, the cost and the area covered by an average AC were almost 3-4 times bigger than today’s one. 

As time flies, many modifications and development occur in the AC industry, which eventually decreases its size as well as its cost. You can easily see an AC or more than one AC in a single house which signifies its need and requirement. 

AC runs on many refrigerants like R22, R134, CFCs, etc., and every gas refrigerant has its benefits and issues. By CFCs, the ozone layer present in the earth’s outer layer gets affected, and R22 also depletes the ozone layer, which is more harmful to us than the CFCs. Governments of many countries have banned the production of R22 gas due to its harms. 

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As per the advice of experts worldwide, governments of many countries found that R22 is more harmful and dangerous for humanity and our world than the CFCs. Production of R22 started back in the 1950s when the knowledge about the consequences to the ozone layer was unknown to us. But after experiencing the issues in the ozone layer, R22 production is stopped in most countries, which creates an issue for those who are using R22 gas refrigerant AC before the ban.

Yes, R22 gas is harmful to us, but we can’t stop the already working ACs in the whole world. Governments have introduced the policy and guidelines regarding the repair and replacement of the AC that runs on R22.

As the production of this type of gas refrigerant is banned, which causes its need in the market. For those who want to change their AC system, it is easy to shift to the more convenient one than R22. 

But for the ones who want to rely on R22 after knowing its harmful effects may have to suffer to get comfort. The replacement of R22 with other gas refrigerants is allowed by the government bodies. But the repair system and process to refill the gas cylinder with the illegal R22 gas are strictly prohibited to all. 

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