Is Your Furnace Not Blowing Enough Air?

Are you experiencing strange situations with your furnace, where your furnace is running at full capacity yet the room is cold? If yes, then your furnace might be in jeopardy. The lack of heat might be created due to insufficient blowing from your furnace and restricted airflow. Restricted airflow is a common yet major problem, indicating a need for immediate heat pump repair in Ormond Beach, FL

Even when hot air does not spread across your space, your furnace keeps burning and producing heat. With continuous exertion, your furnace becomes prone to excess wear and tear, resulting in major part damages and even furnace failure. Gradually, the efficiency of your furnace will deteriorate, leading to an expense for a new furnace. Moreover, your family and you will face severe inconvenience throughout the winter season. 

Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Sufficient Air

The function of your furnace is to heat your home and if the device fails to do so, it is surely a matter of concern. Here are some of the causes for the lack of hot air from your furnace:

  • Damaged Ductwork

Your ducts are the only medium through which your furnace delivers hot air. If your ductwork is corroded, broken, or has leaks, the air would not be able to reach you. Schedule a furnace service with a professional to inspect and repair your ducts.

  • Defect in the Blower Fan

Another reason for insufficient heat can be your blower fans. The air blown by blower fans can become limited if you have a loose fan belt or a dirty motor. For the air to be pushed towards the ducts, your motor needs to be cleaned thoroughly and fix the fan belt. If necessary, changing the fan belt is a smart choice. 

  • Dirty Filters Are a Great Danger

Dirty filters are always a problem for your HVAC. Changing your filters regularly is extremely important. You can change filters with the aid of your furnace manual. The accumulated dirt blocks the airflow and infiltrates the air you breathe, for which contacting a professional for indoor air quality in Ormond Beach, FL is essential. The technician will simultaneously change your filter and repair your furnace too.

  • Cracked Heat Exchanger

A cracked heat exchanger can restrict your airflow and cause hazardous gases like carbon monoxide to leak. This problem can only be fixed by a skilled technician and it should be attended to imminently.

Every furnace requires proper care and maintenance to keep all kinds of functional problems at bay. All of the above-mentioned causes can be easily detected and quickly repaired. If the problem persists after fixing them, there might be a deeper problem in your furnace repair in Daytona Beach, FL can help get to its roots. 

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