Keep AC System On

Spring break is coming! It’s an exciting time for many families. During many of our bi-annual maintenance visits last week, many of you asked what to do with your unit while you are gone. More specifically, asking if you should you turn your unit off while you are away.

If you are simply trying to save the most amount of energy (and thus, money) that would mean you would need to turn your system off completely to achieve that goal. However, that is not what we really recommend. We would recommend that you turn the temperature up instead. You could set it as high up as seven to ten degrees more than normal. If you are leaving your home with any pets inside, you do not want it to be too hot in there. Also, keep in mind appliances that may be running and producing heat. (Think: refrigerator.)

Something else you can do as well is closing the curtains in your home while you are away. This isn’t just to keep from people looking in, but also so it will not heat up as much and then your unit would not need to run.

Keeping your unit running and not completely turned off will also help with any humidity issues in your home. An excess of moisture can cause issues to items in your home. This could include wood floors, doors, cabinets, etc. We would hate for you to come home from a great vacation to your cabinet doors not in the same condition as you left it!

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This advice is specific to Florida and the weather and humidity conditions in this state. Other companies, in other states, may recommend something different.