Should you run your furnace on Auto or On this winter?

Home heating and cooling systems are kinds of complex. The setting changes that we make with these instruments decide a lot about how they will function and the electricity bill.

Running the furnace system on Auto and On both have different pros and cons. In this blog, I will highlight the tips and tricks of each setting and what to do when

Pros when you run the fan on On setting

  • Air circulation is better

If you like the heat distribution of your room to be more evenly spread, then, in this case, you should keep the furnace on the On setting.

  • Better quality indoor air

The furnace setting can influence the quality of your Indoor Air. Keeping the furnace on can give a boost to the air quality of your room. But a thing to keep in mind is the quality of the filter in place. A better quality filter will result in a better quality of air inside of the room.

  • Reduction in wear and tear

Furnace fans are made for constant running. Switching it on and off on repetition can cause damage to its motor. Running it constantly deletes this damage.

Pros when you run the fan on auto setting

  • Saves electricity

Running the fan on all the time results in heavier electricity bills while keeping the fan on Auto will consume less energy.

  • The filter will last longer

When the furnace fan works all the time, it tends to become dirty more quickly. Therefore, it will be more durable in the Auto setting as it will allow constant breaks.

Cons of using the auto setting on your thermostat’s fa

  • Uneven distribution of air

You may notice that the distribution of hot or cold air is less even. The fan will stop blowing air around your home once the air temperature reaches the temperature set on your thermostat.

Because of the more frequent starts and pauses, the blower motor fan may wear out faster.

Is it okay to keep the fan on setting permanently?

Running your fan continually could cost you extra money. Some systems feature blower motors that run continuously in ON mode, whereas others do not.

You may notice cool air pouring out of your vents throughout the winter. Your home will feel chilly since the air temperature is similar to the space temperature. Because air is constantly blasted through your furnace filter, you’ll need furnace replacement OrBeach, FL it more frequently.

Ducts in your attic or near your outside walls might fill with warm air and blow hot air into your home, during the summers. To compensate for the increased heat, your HVAC system may need to run longer.

Ultimately your furnace setting depends on what your needs are. Suppose you want an even distribution of air. In that case, you should keep your furnace on- On setting, and if you want more durability and a lighter electricity bill, in such case, it is advisable to put your furnace on an Auto setting. We often face problems with our furnaces, like quick heating, noises. In such cases, you can refer to Accu-Temp Heating and Air Conditioning. They provide solutions to every problem related to furnace repair Daytona Beach, FL, and their usage. Their service is very efficient and can be availed twenty-four seven.