Smokey Smell From Furnace?

A well-maintained furnace should not make a lot of noise or smell weird. It typically has a faint smell once it has been started, but it isn’t very noticeable or doesn’t persist for a long time. Furnaces can have a smokey, burned smell when there is something wrong with the furnace. Recognizing and understanding the cause would help one to better tackle the problem. In any case, it is always sensible to contact a service expert for furnace repair in Ormond Beach, FL who would fix the issue rather than trying different hacks at home, which could prove to be dangerous. 

Reasons Why Your Furnace Smells Smokey

  • Blazing Dust

A smokey, burning smell can occur when a furnace has been turned on after a long time in winter. The dust that has been gather over time in a furnace produces a burning smell. The vents that are attached to the whole house will emit the smell in the entire house. This smell is natural and does not require special attention unless it does not go away in a couple of minutes, in which case, it is necessary to call a service expert. 

  • Blocked Air Filter

When the furnace’s air filter has not been cleaned or changed in a long time, it can produce a burning smell. In this case, the dirty blower heater has to push the heat out with more effort, which leads to overheating, ultimately leading to a smokey smell. The dirt accumulated in the air filters also causes a burning smell. You must get furnace service in Palm Coast, FL to make sure your furnace stays in peak condition.

  • Electrical Burning

A normal furnace will switch off when it starts overheating. If it doesn’t, there may be a problem with the safety feature which needs to be repaired. Without repair, the chances of an electrical fire increase. A burning plastic smell can also be produced when there is a problem with the electrical connections. Mechanical problems in the furnace can also create a burning smell. 

Other odors include rotten eggs, gunpowder, smokey or oily, metallic, and overheating smells. It is necessary to get your furnace checked if you’ve experienced any of these smells, as it could detect an underlying problem. 

Resolving The Smokey Smell

  • It may be time to schedule a furnace tune-up since that could be the principal reason for the furnace producing smokey smells.
  • Change and clean the air filters regularly.
  • Keep the house airy by turning the fans on and opening windows before starting the furnace to help the smell to go away faster. 

If the smell persists for a longer duration, it is sensible to call a professional service expert who would check the problem and resolve the issue. It is also crucial to get your tune-ups done at least once a year which would ensure smooth functioning and minimum repairs of the furnace. 

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