Steps For Inspection Before Turning On Your AC

Are you all set to enjoy cool and comfortable air-conditioned air? If yes, you might be missing some important steps while rushing for the summers! Thus, it becomes important to get your air conditioning unit inspected as soon as the spring hits. 

Spring acts as a transition phase of winters to summers and gives you ample time to prepare for it. You don’t want your AC to shut down in the middle of a hot and flashy night! That’s why it’s high time to call a professional AC repair in Ormond Beach, FLright away.

Important Steps For Inspection 

  • Clean The Outdoor Condenser Unit.

Clean the surrounding area of your condenser unit such as vegetation or debris. This is an important step as any kind of clutter can impact the airflow surrounding your system, affecting efficiency. Also, if anything flew into the system, it might damage the internal elements. 

  • Check The Condition of The Refrigerant Line Insulation

If you see faulty insulation in any lines, you need to call a professional air conditioning repair in Palm Coast

  • Inspect Wiring Work

Check for signs of damaged wiring or disconnected plugs and wires before turning on your air conditioner. 

  • Look At The Power Switch.

Make sure the main power switch outside your home is turned on and is well connected to your air conditioning system.

  • Examine The Circuit Breakers

Check and ensure the circuit breakers are in the ON position. 

  • Check For A Clogged Drain

Inspect your AC’s drain line to make sure it is free of dirt and debris. If you see a clogged drain line for example- mold and fungi growth, it’s time to contact your local AC repair in Daytona Beach, as they will clean it professionally.

  • Inspect Ductwork.

Check thoroughly for cracks or disconnected lines in the ductwork. If you see any blockage or crevices, have them repaired professionally by an HVAC repair before turning your AC on.

  • Change The Indoor Air Filter

Start with a new indoor air filter to get fresh and optimal performance of HVAC units all year long. And, do not forget to clean or replace your AC’s filter at least every three months – and more often if you have pets.

  • Inspect Air Vents

Ensure that the air vents of your home are clean, unclogged, and free of obstructions. Remove any item which is causing blockage near the vent.

  • Upgrade The Thermostat

If your thermostat has been around a long time, consider upgrading to a smart one. These are new-age thermostats that are highly affordable and cost-efficient in the long run. After getting a new thermostat or checking the existing one, adjust the temperature to your desired setting and turn on your air conditioner.

If you notice any damage or faulty component during the inspection, it’s time to call one of our technicians. We are known for the best quality HVAC repairs, maintenance, and air conditioner installation in Palm Coast, FL, and surrounding areas.

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