Top 3 Ways to Hurt Your Unit

There are some things to keep in mind that have to do with keeping your air conditioning unit running efficiently. This is particularly important in the summer season when you need all the cool air you can get. Keep in mind that at the event your system isn’t running how you feel it should, give us a call right away!

To begin with, keeping up with your semi annual maintenances is very important, not only for your unit but also to keep up with any warranties you have on your unit. With keeping up with your maintenance, our technician will bring anything to your attention that comes up that is concerning. A regular maintenance also helps to maximize the lifetime of your system. Also, it will be less likely (although can still happen) that your system will unexpectedly stop working.

Low indoor air is not only bad for your system, but also for your health! We have a range of options, at all different price ranges, to positively impact your indoor air quality. Those times of coughing and sneezing year round or a house that is too humid for your liking can be in the past. If this is something that interests you, we would be happy to schedule a no-cost estimate to go over your options with you.

Using ceiling fans to your advantage can also help your system run more efficiently and help you feel more comfortable! Even though the fan is not lowering the temperature, it helps to circulate the cool air your system is producing, around your house.

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These tips may seem to be simple but they are very important in keeping you comfortable and your system running as well as it can.
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