Understand Whether You Should Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a basic necessity for families living in Florida. It becomes a problem when your air conditioner frequently malfunctions for no reason. In these cases, homeowners do not know whether they should consider a repair job or a complete replacement.

Repair or Replacement: The Big Question

The only solution to this problem is to understand the factors that govern the need for a repair job and a replacement project. Once you understand these points, you can contact our certified technicians for air conditioner service in Ormond Beach, FL.

  • The Number of Repair Jobs the System Requires

Ideally, an air conditioner may need one or two repair jobs during the working season. If you maintain your system properly, it may not need a single repair job. However, if your air conditioner suddenly needs frequent repair jobs each month, it means there is a serious issue with it. If the issue does not go away, you should consider a replacement.
  • Age of Your System

The average life expectancy of an AC is ten to fifteen years. If you contact a technician regularly for air conditioner service in Ormond Beach, FL, it can end up working for more than fifteen years. However, if your air conditioner is over 20 years old, consider replacing it instead of scheduling frequent repairs.
  • An Increase in Monthly Energy Bills

Your energy bills are one of the best ways to know whether you should replace or repair your air conditioner. Your monthly bills should stay controlled if your air conditioner is efficient and suitable for working. However, if your energy bills suddenly increase each month with no logical explanation, you should contact our technicians for an air conditioner replacement job in Ormond Beach, FL.
  • Foul Odors

An air conditioner may give off a foul odor due to bacterial growth and other reasons. A quick tune-up from our certified technicians should fix this issue. However, if your air conditioner continuously produces a strong foul odor, you should consult us for air conditioner replacement in Ormond Beach, FL.
  • Hot and Cold Pockets

Due to extensive working, your air conditioner may lose its efficiency, and a call to our technicians for air conditioning repair services in Ormond Beach, FL, can fix it. However, if your home has frequent hot and cold pockets, you should consider replacing your current air conditioner with a new one even after numerous repair jobs.
  • Resale Plans

Your air conditioner should be replaced with a new one if you intend to sell your house in a few years. When your property has the latest HVAC equipment, its resale value can increase.

Accu-Temp Heating & Air Conditioning can help you understand whether your air conditioner and other appliances require a repair job or a replacement. Additionally, our technicians will ensure your air conditioner does not trouble you again. We provide high-quality services at affordable prices with complete transparency and honesty.

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