What Causes My AC Unit to Keep Turning Off?

If you’re a homeowner and you’ve noticed that your air conditioner turns on and off every ten to fifteen minutes, you’re probably wondering what the issue is and if you need AC repair in Palm Coast, FL or not. This is referred to as short cycling. Short cycling is problematic for several reasons, including higher energy costs and unwarranted damage to the HVAC system.

Reasons for Short Cycling and Your Air Conditioner's Mysterious On or Off Switching:

  • The Thermostat is Broken or Installed Incorrectly

The thermostat controls the AC’s shut-off time. An issue might be brought with the thermostat or the electrical connections to the AC. It might also read that the house is cooled incorrectly if it is improperly placed.

  • Oversized AC

The purpose of HVAC systems is to remove heat from a specific indoor space. An oversized unit cools the house much more quickly than it should, prompting an abrupt shutdown and requiring AC repair in Ormond Beach. However, your home quickly heats up again, resulting in short cycles where the AC runs for ten to fifteen minutes, shuts off, and then restarts.

  • Faulty Run Capacitor

The run capacitor supplies sufficient electrical current to turn on your cooling unit and power to maintain your air conditioner’s operation. Power to the air conditioner may only occasionally run if the run capacitor fails. The AC system starts up and shuts down quickly as a result. The AC system not blowing cold air indicates a failing run capacitor which requires air conditioner repair.

  • Unclean Air Filters

During the hot summer months, you should change the air filters in your central air conditioner about once a month. The airflow is impeded when the air filters become clogged with dust and pet dander. As a result, the evaporator coils freeze, which may lead to an early AC unit shutdown and require AC repair.

  • Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are a frequent cause of the AC system’s short cycling. This might be because of a faulty circuit board, a broken thermostat, a bad connection, or a condenser or compressor not getting power properly. Contact a certified HVAC company for air conditioner repair in Palm Coast, FL.

  • Low Levels of Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a substance that circulates through the AC unit’s coils and conducts a heat exchange. The line should contain only the refrigerant. It may be damaged if a refrigerant leak is ignored.

  • Evaporator Coil Freeze

Your air handler’s evaporator coil removes heat from the air inside your house. The blower circulates this cooled air back through the air vents. Frost and ice can develop on the evaporator coils when they become dirty or insufficient airflow.

  • Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils have difficulty performing heat exchange when they are dirty and covered in dust, debris, and grime. The device may overheat as a result and shut down early.


It might be time to get in touch with a specialist who can quickly and efficiently fix your AC if it keeps turning on and off. Call Accu-Temp Heating & Air Conditioning’s team of committed experts at any time if your air conditioner is acting up. Contact us at 386-244-9440 or send us a mail to fix an appointment for AC repair in Ormond Beach.

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