What is Short Cycling? What Causes Short Cycling and How Do You Fix It?

On a hot summer day, whenever you come back home, the very first thing you do is put on the air conditioner before your apartment starts feeling like a steam room.

As you walk into the shower, you hear your machine switch on and exhale a sigh of relaxation. But, when you step out of the bathroom less than ten minutes later, you realize that the temperature hasn’t changed and that your air conditioner isn’t on. 

You notice it turns back on right then. You think that maybe something is wrong with your system, and you are right. Short cycling is a major issue for your air conditioner and your comfort. If any such issue occurs, call for AC repair in Flagler Beach, FL, but first, let’s see what exactly short cycling is.

What Is Short Cycling? 

A furnace or air conditioner that swings back and forth between on and off too frequently is commonly known as short cycling in the HVAC business. The short cycle refers to the duration of your AC unit functioning, and the shorter this duration is, the more energy your equipment needs to start back on and function satisfactorily.

Why Does Short Cycling Occur? 

Your room’s heating system could short-cycle if it turns on and off more frequently. Before you try to fix your short cycling problem, you must first determine what is causing it.

  • Unit size is inappropriate: Heating or cooling your home with a disproportionate furnace or air conditioner results in the unequal distribution of conditioned air. In an attempt to adjust, your furnace or air conditioner turns on and off often.
  • Servicing or repair is required: Short-cycling problems are more frequent in households that do not get their HVAC systems serviced regularly. Condensed switch difficulties, a rusted flame sensor, or items lodged in your ducts are just a few instances of what can cause short cycles.

How Do We Fix Short Cycling? 

Are you trying to figure out how to fix your HVAC system’s short cycling? Mentioned below are some tried-and-true methods for avoiding short cycling without calling for AC services in Ormond Beach, FL.

  • Change or cleanse your air filter

It’s essential to keep your air purifier in good working order. With time, an air filter becomes clogged or unclean, causing problems in your system. As a result, it is important to maintain the air filters or change them if they’re blocked with dust or debris.

  • Thermostat location

The location of your thermostat is critical to the efficient operation of your air conditioning unit. You can fix serious issues like short cycling if it’s installed in the appropriate position.

  • Measure the volume of refrigerant in your air conditioning system

As refrigerant is a dangerous material that can cause major problems, you should not handle it manually. If there are any leaks, a skilled air conditioner technician can test the refrigerant levels and find them.

If you happen to be looking for a qualified professional to fix the HVAC unit that is causing you discomfort, call accutemp heating and air conditioning and get your system repaired. We also provide various services, such as air conditioner installation in Palm Coast, FL. For further information, call or text 386-244-9440.

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