As we recently mentioned, it is very important you take measures to care for the air you breathe in any way possible – especially when humans as a whole are spending more time indoors. Having good indoor air quality is vital to a safe and healthy home!

1) No Shoes Indoors!

This probably comes as no surprise, but shoes carry so much bacteria in your home! Bacteria can cause many different types of infections. An easy way to keep any potential bacteria from coming into your home is by keeping it outside or at least in one specific place in your home. By keeping potential bacteria and outdoor air pollutants outside, it will not infect your indoor air quality.

2) Use Eco-Friendly Paint Only

If you plan on painting your walls or anything else in your house any time soon, be sure that the paint you select is eco-friendly, which means it has no or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) VOCs vaporize and emit gas. Paint that has VOCs in them emit gasses even after the paint is dry which can cause headaches, dizziness or even increase the risk of developing asthma or allergies.

3) Clean With Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

One of the leading contributors to indoor air quality issues is cleaning products. If you are using a cleaning product that has a synthetic fragrance in it, you are using a toxic product.

We would recommend you clean with unscented or fragrance-free products. If you simply cannot do that, make sure the scent is plant-based. Also, don’t forget to not use aerosol spray products if you can help it.

4) Get Your Ducts Cleaned!

Having your air ducts cleaned will help you to not only get cleaner air but also to help your HVAC unit run more efficiently. If there is a large amount of dust or pet dander in your ductwork, your system will have to work harder in order for air to flow through your air ducts easily. We would be happy to help you clean your air ducts!

5) Having a Whole Air Home Purification System

Air purifiers remove airborne contaminants and allergens, which helps to keep your indoor air quality the best it can be. If the air inside your home is not “good,” you may be more prone to suffer from asthma or allergies. An air purifier traps roughly 98% of pollen and mold spores. The Mayo Clinic states that 93% of chronic sinus infections have been attributed to mold. If you are prone to sinus infections, you may want to think about getting some type of whole air purification system for your home.

We do offer some great indoor air quality options. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch with us. We would be so happy to help!

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